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pickles & bones


Pickles and Bones is a carry-out only restaurant that also offers catering services. We honor the craft of well prepared barbecue by cooking only with all-wood fire. That's a big deal. In addition to the high quality smoked meats the sides are made from scratch and the bread is baked fresh every morning. We give you our best every day!

Josh & Nicole

We started Pickles and Bones Barbecue with the dream of bringing a high-quality dining experience into our community and the desire to operate our own business. Using our experience in fine dining we set out to source the finest ingredients possible and utilize traditional cooking techniques to create food that set us apart from the crowd. We have a love for great food and great service and were confident we could deliver both even if we started serving out of a tiny trailer in 2015.  We opened our brick and mortar carryout in 2017: we have picnic tables out side and offer catering for businesses and families. Over the past four years we have grown Pickles and Bones Barbecue into a neighborhood favorite with the intention of always looking for ways to give back to the community that has supported us since day one.



One of the things that drives our passion for barbecue are the roots crafted in old school cooking with fire. Authentic BBQ is smoked low and slow with wood as the only heat source. That means no propane, no gas, no electric, no compromises. We smoke all of our meats outdoors in offset smokers known as “stick burners” using a blend of cured red and white oak . 




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1149 Ohio 131, Milford, OH 45150 

Tuesday - Saturday 11am -7pm, or sellout time